Media Tracking

The form of media that I see appear most on my timeline is a combination of a few different things. For me, design work and working on the computer usually takes up the majority of my days and nights. When I am doing this work, I am usually submersed in a number of media activities including surfing the Internet for research/inspiration, listening to music and taking various breaks throughout the night to read the news and check my email. Overall on any given day I am doing this for 8-10 hours.

Television is the form of media which I use the least. On these particular days and usually any other given day, television is something I watch either when I need a quick break, in which most cases I fall asleep anyways, or have an hour or two to kill in between events in my day. On these two days, which were relatively light in terms of work compared to most, I only watched three hours of TV. This is also the only media usage during my day that was monologic meaning I was only consuming one kind of media at a given time.

The other activity that takes up the majority of my day would be the use of my telephone. However, this use operates differently because it is something I can multi-task with other usage during my day. I do not consider this an activity by itself, which is why I outlined all of the boxes on my chart in red other than the hours in which I am asleep. Those hours in total accounted for 32 hours out of the 48 I monitored.

Nothing surprised me about any of the hours I spent using media. Media usage is not only the most important parts of my days, but something that my entire life is centered around. I am very aware of the amount of time I spend consuming media, and in fact, the 48 hours that I monitored were relatively light compared to others. On most days I only get 5-6 hours of sleep during the early morning hours, and those extra hours that appear on my chart are dedicated to more media usage.  Based on this assignment I probably wont do anything differently. Although various studies and debates argue that media usage is a negative activity among today’s population, it is something that I have to do and will continue to.


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