Creative Commons

“The creative commons project develops, supports and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing and innovation.”


To summarize, the CC project is a way for people to share their creative ideas on the Internet, but at the same time have a way to protect their work under copyright and licensing laws. Their tools give everyone from small creators to large businesses a way to keep their copyright while allowing uses of their work, which not only helps promote their work, but also keeps it protected under their particular name or company emblem. This project has changed our ideas about copyrighting and licensing because the users build the commons.


What I find interesting and somewhat confusing about this whole process is why it is free. It seems as if the copyrights and licenses provided by creative commons are merely a mutual understanding between the creator and the audience. I myself have my entire portfolio “protected” by the creative commons, however there is no way that I know of for me to enforce any of the penalties that may come with somebody stealing my work. It says in multiple online descriptions that the creative commons is NOT a substitute for registered copyrights and licenses. I find fault in the system mostly in the review area of the copyright process, which forces you to mail into the government images or text, which you wish to copyright in order to place in a database.


If I were to take something off of the Internet without consent and re-register it in the creative commons, there is essentially nobody who is going to stop me from doing that. I’m not entirely sure how the system works or how it would be applicable to any of the other questions that were asked in this blog post, and I am somewhat skeptical of my work being protected solely under the creative commons licenses. The website is vague in a lot of ways and although they have the support of large corporations such as Google, such companies are known for taking posted information and making it their own under their own terms of service. Who is to say that this wasn’t a big sham started by a large corporation and now they technically own everything us creators actually create.


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