For my self-portrait photo, I decided to do something a little different than what I expected everyone to do. My life up to this point has revolved around that concept, and I wanted it to carry throughout this project. I imagined that most people would only take the time to take their self-portrait picture from a straight on view. I wanted to catch myself in the act of doing something I would normally do during the day. I took my picture at a time when I was looking out my bedroom window. I decided to cover the bottom portion of my face because that represents how I live my life most days. I like to think of myself as undercover, and most people barely know it is me when they walk by. It may sound dark and twisted, but usually I have so many people looking for me that I like to have control over whether or not I choose to interact with them.

Some of the symbols that make up this picture are the direct opposite of the meaning behind the original picture as stated in the paragraph above.  For example, I chose symbols and images such as the apple, smile and city skyline. To me, each of these images has separate meanings.

The moon, apple and skyline are directly related to one another, which is why I chose to place them on the glasses. Most of my work over the past 4 years that has gotten me to where I am now was done at night. I frequently go entire weeks seeing the sunrise each day.

The apple, which is the symbol for the company Apple as we all know, means much more to me than that. It is a symbol of how my brain works throughout the day and how I relate everything I see in the real world to something that I can accomplish on my computer though art.

One part of the image that contradicts the most with the original meaning of the image is the skyline. To me, living in the city is something I have always wanted to do. Although I like to disappear sometimes while walking around school and go un-noticed, the city is somewhere where I want to shine and be seen, which is what the small flash of light represent. The movie reel is a representation of how I view my life sometimes. I like to look at my life as though I was someone watching it. I believe this has a connection to the skyline, which is why it appears to be going into it at the end of the film.

The other part of this image that I would say contradicts the most is the smile. Again, while I like to disappear sometimes, I am generally a happy person as most people who know me would tell you. I try to keep positive energy flowing throughout all aspects of my life.

This leads me into the more comical portions of this image. For example, Homer Simpson to me represents everything that I want to be at times when I am not working. I am a professional couch dweller when the time is right.

Another symbol that represents a comical part of my personality is the X on my head. It is meant to show that sometimes I can become a scatterbrain and it happens sometimes almost to the point where it is funny to me.

The last two images I incorporated into this image are the palm tree, which is meant to show that I am absolutely not meant for the cold in any way. I crave heat and often when I don’t get it, my mood severely changed. 


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