Spectatorship and Power Relationships

For my first advertisement with one person, I chose to pursue a path a little different than finding an advertisement that portrayed a model of some sort by himself or herself in an image. I chose to take an advertisement from the popular television show 24.

In this image, there are a number of factors that play into whether or not the subject of the image is aware that he is being photographed. This particular advertisement utilizes a screenshot taken from the actual filming of the show. So in a way, it is the actor’s job to make it seem like he is not being filmed, and is in fact staying in character for the show. Aside from the obvious signs that he is not making any eye contact with the camera, his body language suggests that he is trying to ignore it all together. While this image of the actor is taken from filming, it is also being used to create the advertisement. So in a way, the subject of this ad is being photographed twice. He is the dominant power figure in the ad even though there are other subjects such as the sunset and the tree. The focus of the ad is on the right side of the image and displays not only the character pictured, but the information needed to understand what the ad is all about.

For my second ad, I again chose an entirely different image than what would be expected as an advertisement with two people. In this ad, there appears one man in the actual lens of the camera. However, to his left there is the shadowy silhouette of a female. The shot is set up in a way so that the actual female figure does not appear in the image, but her shadow is still able to interact with the man who is being photographed.

In this image, both characters are aware that they are being photographed because of the simple fact that this is a staged photo shoot. However, the subjects are instructed to interact with each other rather than the camera lens.

The dominant figure in this image, in my opinion, is the female because of the fact that she is holding a weapon and seems to be holding the man hostage. This is ironic considering the fact that the female does not actually appear in the shot.

For the man, this photo set up is easier for him to execute because while he is aware he is being photographed, he does not have to worry entirely about where he is in the shot. Rather, he can try to act somewhat natural. On the other hand, the female who is causing the shadow to appear on the background has to be aware not only of the fact that she is being photographed, but also how her shadow is placed within the frame, and how that shadow is interacting the male who appears in the shot. I think that this ad is a very interesting way of looking at this particular subject, and hopefully it is as out of the box as I portray it to be.


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