Comm 265 Design Query

Art vs. Design

As an artist, I do think that there is a difference between art and design. To me, the major difference lies in the emotion that is behind a lot of art. For a lot of people who practice it, art is a self-expressionist emotional escape for them. They simply turn to art when they do not want to think about anything else in the world. The simple fact that they are doing the artwork is provides enough meaning to them. Design however is integrated into any kind of art no matter what it is. When you look at the technical term “design,” there are elements of it that would by most standards make any piece of art a design.

Where I think design differs is in the professional application of it. I know a lot of people in the world who design and follow a strict set of codes and guidelines in order to do design properly. In the same way design is incorporated in art, art is also a technical part of design. One can basically argue in either direction.

In my description, yes I did use both the words self-expressionist and meaning. I do not think that either term is exclusive to either art or design. I guess it just depends on what you want to get out of whichever you are practicing.

I am fairly confident that I could hang a picture in my room that I created, considering that I already have close to 20 pictures, t-shirts, mouse pads, wallpapers on my phone and computer, etc. etc.

I don’t hire anybody. I am the one that people hire. Yes, they worry a lot about getting their money’s worth.

I have definitely come to find beauty in things that I never thought had it. I am a big fan of collecting things and going back to them after a year or two to see if that particular object’s meaning or aesthetic appeal has changed to me.


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