Final Project

For our final project, Alec, Ursula and myself had a little bit of trouble getting going at first. At first, we sat in class the first day we were allowed to work on our project and tries to think about the things that we had learned over the course of the entire semester. To be honest, we did a little bit of eavesdropping on the groups around us, and we had heard that there were at least 3 that were planning on doing board games. We wanted to focus on doing something that was different and would hold more value in relation to the rest of the class. After a while, we also decided that we wanted to do something that could be saved for years to come. We felt as though if we produced a project that would last for years, and we did a good enough job, it could possibly be used as a learning tool for future classes.

We met for our next meeting with the idea that we were going to do a group project, but it was going to be much more comprehensive than what we expected most of the other groups to do. Then, we had the idea to do some sort of puzzle. We started researching different puzzle designs, but couldn’t really figure out how we could relate it to the material that we were supposed to be covering.

Then, we had our final idea which was to create a crossword puzzle. After coming up with this idea, we started to go through the list of vocab words that we had covered throughout the entire semester. We decided to pick out the ones that were most important to us, and held the most weight in our class discussions.

After constructing the puzzle and figuring out how it would work from word to word, we constructed the actual puzzle through the use of computer design software. Then we used the same software to put together the clues. After coming up with all of this, we took the puzzle to the printers.

Because of our original desire to have this puzzle last more than one year and possibly be used as a learning tool for years to come, we decided to laminate the puzzle so it could be erased and used more than once. After it was printed, the puzzle along with the clues were mounted on cardboard for added support when writing on it. We feel that the project as a whole was successful. We can also see this project being used in class as a sort of game to help future classes study for the midterm or other assignments.



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