Multivariate Display

For this post, my topic was to explore the difference in statistics, stadiums and other facts between the New England Patriots and New York Jets. I constructed a display made up of 5 different types of graphs. The different types of graphs included an organizational chart, explanation graphic, table of facts, line graph and a horizontal bar graph. For each of these individual displays, including the stadium seating chart, I hand drew into the computer using Adobe Illustrator.

The reason I chose this particular topic because all over college campuses, especially this one, the debate over which sports team is better than other looms. At Roger Williams, that argument often includes these two teams. I usually have to hear about it every day because most of my friends are form New Jersey, and when it comes Sunday the arguments and taunting begin to pour in. I think that when these arguments take place, most people have a hard time being able to visualize some of the statistics in charts such as the ones I have constructed. Simple bar and line graphs show a tremendous difference in certain statistics.

I’d also like to add that according to this graph, the New England Patriots will always win the argument, and my friends from New Jersey simply do not know what they are talking about. I will most certainly be emailing this visual to all of them.

Pats vs Jets


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