For my collage, I stuck with trying to find some things that either literally explain, or figuratively show things that I am generally interested in. There are three major themes that I see when I look at this collage.

The first theme that I see is basic general interests. I have images of things like traveling, food, and photography. Simply put, these are all things that I am interested in. When I flip through a magazine, these are the images that attract my attention the most.

The second theme I see came to me subconsciously. While I was pulling things out of magazines that I enjoy now, I also pulled out some images that represent things that I might like to be. I was looking toward my future, and the images that I decided to use are things that motivate me and influence who I am as a person.

The next theme that I can pull together is the fact that each image I pulled seems to have an artistic point of view to it. I am very interested in photography and have studied it both inside and outside of school. To me, the way things are shot with a camera make up a large part of whether or not I will look at that image for more than two seconds. I know how to appreciate a well thought out photograph, and for me, most of the images in my collage meet that standard.

I think that the process of flipping through magazines is an extremely constructive way of trying to find more things that may interest you. I have never realized analyzed a collage in the way we have for this project. The process of trying to discover themes that appear in the collage require a lot more thought than I had originally anticipated. The themes I discovered also helped me realize how I examine things from a visual perspective.


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