Geographical Map

For this map exercise, I was attempting to construct a geographical map of the Greater Orlando, FL and Disney World area, my hometown. My attempt was to show some of the major architectural symbols of the area that can be easily recognized by most people around the country. I also wanted to throw in a couple small details that someone who is not from the area might not know about. Overall, I think I was very successful in my attempt.

Some of the problems I ran into were finding exactly where certain things were. I know from experience where the general area of most things is, but as far as how they were related to another, it was as if I was assembling a puzzle. I had seen all of the pieces, but in order to make a map I had to put them together.

I solved this problem by picturing the time that I have spent driving around the area. I tried to figure out which direction I would be driving at any given time, and what landmarks were on certain sides of the road. Something else that I took into consideration was the distance between certain landmarks. I have driven to each of them multiple times and I know which ones take the longest to get to from any given location in the area.

A lot of the principles that I used were the basic elements of design. I used color to distinguish each landmark and body of water from each other. I used basic lines to indicate roads that work as a sort of framework for the whole map. I also used space to signify the difference in distance between locations.

If I could do this differently, I would absolutely spent a little more time on the actual pictures themselves. I know we weren’t supposed to in this assignment and I spent a lot more time focusing on location and space, but it is something I would like to do. To be frank, there isn’t much more I would do differently to this picture. Growing up traveling to hockey games as a kid, my parents would always trust me with the roadmap because I had a strong sense of direction and almost never got lost. Even when I was a place I had never been before. I used the same techniques then that I used now to construct this map. I even checked on google maps and compared to the website, my map is pretty identical in relation. I think its awesome that I am able to map things out in my head by using mental images stored away from my time living in the area. I think it is amazing that by jsut paying attention to your surroundings, you are able to understand where you are in relation to the things around you. It benefits you in more ways than you might realize such as time-management and being able to estimate how long it might take you to travel from one place to another. 

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