For this particular Mind-Mapping project, I decided that I wanted to do a variety of things to try and figure out the best way to execute the assignment. My goal was to use the first map I did as a sort of rough draft. Then, I would take one aspect of the first map to expand on in another map. When I mean expand, I mean that I wanted to use not only different central ideas, but a different technique for drawing the actual map.

On the first map, I did things very rough. The main purpose behind this was to get a feel for how the individual ideas would come to my head. I found the best way to figure out what to write on this map was to use my instincts. Essentially, when I wrote one word, whatever came into my head next is what would be my next topic.

The second image I did is more images based. Since coming from a Fine Arts background in high school, I learned a lot about Visual Communication and how to control a viewer’s eyes using things like color, shape, texture, etc.  My goal was to makes my viewer’s eyes scatter. Although confusing, the basic images I supplied are easily relatable and recognizable to any audience. While browsing over the image, my goal was to have all the words I had written as a part of the map come to the viewer’s mind not because they read the actual word, but saw the image associated with it. I think I was successful in my attempt.

Some problems I ran into are that on my second image, the routes from image to image got lost. Rather than having any sort of structure, it is more like a page with random images all over it. In a way because of what I explained earlier I was going for that feeling, but I wish I had kept it under control a little better. I think it is safe to say that I did not solve this problem. Instead, I embraced and ran with the idea I began to develop.

I think that my biggest success was using images that any audience can recognize. After being in the graphic design department, you learn a lot about using universal images and typography in order to display ideas to a more widespread audience. For example, I used a money symbol that is simple to identify.

One of my biggest inspirations for doing my project in this almost cartoonish style was our textbook illustrated by Scott McCloud. I am a very visual learner and to me, reading a comic book is much more rewarding than a textbook. I can only retain information if I can attach that information to an image in my head.

If I could do this project all over again I would keep the same ideas, but keep a little more control over the placement and arrangement of the images. Like I explained earlier, things got lost in a way. Given a second chance, there would be much more structure to the map.


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